“Doing Things Differently” Programme

Have you recently found yourself thinking  “When this is over, I want to do things differently”. I have also heard the slightly different version “When this is over, I want to do different things”. That thing might be work, family, exercise, eating, drinking, reading, drawing, playing, commuting or in my case just generally rushing around. I know the feeling. I also know myself and that whatever good intentions I have, once we are back into the previous routine it will be all too easy to forget what I wanted to do.

So I have been developing the “Doing Things Differently” Programme. It’s a step by step guide to getting ready to “do things differently” or indeed “do different things”. It’s how I need to work to make a change – and it may work for you too.

“Doing Things Differently” will take you from the feeling that you want something to be different, through identifying exactly what it is you want to be different, understanding why it is important to you (which helps motivate you to make the change), to setting goals, figuring out what strengths, skills and experience you have available to you and making plans to make the change.

First entrants to the programme in June 2020.

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