“Doing Things Differently” – Introduction

If there is one phrase that I have heard over and over during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 it is people saying “When this is over, I want to do things differently”. I have also heard the slightly different version “When this is over, I want to do different things”. I know the feeling. I also know myself and that whatever good intentions I have, once we are back into the previous routine it will be all too easy to forget what I wanted to do.

Doing Things Differently 3


The “Doing Things Differently” programme will take you from the feeling that you want something to be different, through identifying exactly what it is you want to be different, understanding why it is important to you (which helps motivate you to make the change), to setting goals, figuring out what strengths, skills and experience you have available to you and making plans to make the change.


Each one of us is facing different challenges right now, so I know how important it is to grab every moment available, but also how sometimes you just feel too “meh” to do anything even if there is the space. So, you can follow this programme in a way that suits you. You know what is likely to help you “do things differently”. If you did some work on this once a week – it might take 5 weeks. If you want to blitz it and are used to self-reflection – it could take 5 days.

There is also a range of charges – from self-guided (£15) up to accompanied (£200)*. The accompanied version includes 2.5 hours of individual coaching.

*I know there are many people for whom financial security is a challenge right now. For each cohort on the “Accompanied” path I will make available a limited number of reduced rate places for those who have lost significant parts of their income in recent weeks. Please email ellie@sendthemsoaring if you want to talk about this.

If this might be something you want to do then:

  1. If you haven’t already done so –  sign up for updates on the programme as it launches and develops.
  2. Download a pdf outline of the programme – introducing “Doing Things Differently”.