Welcome to SendThemSoaring

Are you feeling stuck with a decision or change you would like to make in your life? Or just unsettled and you aren’t sure why? Somehow just never get time to stop and think?

I have felt like this many times myself and have lost count of how many times I have heard friends and colleagues use these words. So now I am offering you the chance to move forwards.

As your coach, I will provide you with the time to think about your challenges and dreams, a safe space to try out ideas and confront any unhelpful assumptions you have about your future, and my undivided attention to help focus your thinking. Your thoughts about your challenges are always going to be the best thoughts!

Whether it is something in your working life, your home life, or the blend between the two, I am ready to help you. The blogs here will describe some typical types of coaching and common topics, but anything is possible! From a one-off session to a programme over a few months or longer, whatever suits you.  Are you ready to soar?


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Ellie Burke is a sole trader known professionally as Ellie Highwood, and trading here as SendThemSoaring.