Coaching FAQs

What kind of things can you help with?

Pretty much anything, but most clients come looking for help figuring out decisions and actions around career development or career change, work-life balance, workload overwhelm, or leadership and management challenges. We often find other things come up during the course of coaching sessions. Coaching is predominantly a forward looking activity though in some cases it can be useful to consider if certain patterns are repeating themselves.

How does coaching with you work?

THE most important thing about coaching is to find a coach that you feel comfortable working with. So the first step is to book a free 30 minute taster/discovery call with me. This is an opportunity for you to find out about coaching in general and about me as a coach, and for me to find out what you are looking for. After that, most people sign up for either 3 or 6 sessions spread over a period of time. At the end of those sessions, you may decide you have achieved your goal, or you can extend the partnership, or come back in the future. Find Current prices.

How long and how frequent are the sessions?

I find 60 minute sessions work well, but have also done programmes where the coaching time is split into 30 minute sessions. Most people have about 4-6 weeks per session, but I have done weekly sessions for people who want to move quickly to a decision, or spread it out over a year for more ongoing challenges.

Do I need to do any work before or between sessions?

Often you will find that you leave a session with some actions to try, or further reflection. Sometimes there are exercises that we can do in the session or between sessions, or reading/listening. But I won’t ever check that you have done any “homework” – it’s up to you!

Is it confidential?

Yes, what we discuss in our sessions is confidential unless you tell me you are about to do something illegal, or I believe that you or someone else is at risk of immediate harm. I may occasionally suggest that you consider getting support or insight from a different type of professional – I follow the ethics guide of the Association for Coaching in this respect.

Do you have any coaching qualifications?

I did my coaching training at Henley Business School in 2019 – I passed the Professional Certificate in Coaching which is a year long training and practice qualification. I love learning so I do lots of professional development, and I work with a supervisor too. I have also gained Accreditation at Foundation Coach Level from the Association for Coaching.

I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’d like to keep thinking about it. How can I do that?

No worries. You can sign up for my monthly newsletter Up Where the Air is Clear, with ideas about career and personal development, or check out the blog, or try the DIY resources.