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What does the word “pause” mean to you?

This post is inspired by a journaling prompt from my Flown Take-off session yesterday (Flown is a place where people working alone or remotely can go to be part of a community focussed on helping each other do deep work and be creative).

Pause – a still and calm moment. A cessation of sound, noise and movement. A moment in which my senses catch up with my body.

I see myself standing still and calm surrounded by a blur and whirl of activity and colour as everything slowly spins down. I stop, then everything around me loses momentum and stills.

Avatar of Ellie standing in front of a multi-coloured swirl

Do I myself cause the busyness, the stress and the noise and worry?

Do I therefore also have the power to slow and still it for myself. And maybe for others?

The image suggests I need to still myself first before I can expect the surroundings to come to a rest. This means having the courage to stand still while the world continues to spin. The courage to stop, when everything is pushing me on.

As a musician, I was taught that pauses are a key part of the music. The melody doesn’t have form or make sense without them.

What does the word “pause” mean to you?

Coaching can provide a pause to think about things, including how to get more pauses! Why not book a chemistry session with me?

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