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Imposter syndrome and research

"Did you know that you have more citations in the 2 years since you left academia than in the previous 5 years?" My thoughts went: 1. "wait what?" (it's true according to Google Scholar) 2. "well that's because I was working with some fantastic people in the last couple of years on some very relevant… Continue reading Imposter syndrome and research

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Information overload

I am famous in our house for being unable to cope with two many simultaneous audio inputs. How people can cope with TV, game on their phones and conversation at the same time I have no idea. I get overloaded with audio information about 2 devices ahead of anyone else. But it’s not just audio.… Continue reading Information overload

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Balance, blend, whatever! A blog for Work-Life week 2021

In 2019 I wrote about work-life blend rather than work-life balance. I was moving towards recognising that flexibility and agility were important for me rather than a totally strict split. However, it was still pretty much work or everything else because working days and school days dictated certain patterns and separation. Wind forward 5 years… Continue reading Balance, blend, whatever! A blog for Work-Life week 2021

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On life as a working parent.

Three things I often wanted my employer and colleagues to understand about me as a working parent: 1. By the time the official working day starts around 9am, I am likely to have been up since 6.30, getting children up and dressed and ready for school/nursery, dropping them off on an extended journey and then… Continue reading On life as a working parent.

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On motivation, goals, and how they don’t always link the way you would expect.

Ellie outside on a tree-lined path in the rain, smiling to the camera This is the consequence of taking on a 25km, 16 km bridge walk - the Thames Bridges Trek. This isn't the day itself (which was sunny and to be honest a little too warm). This is today. 3 days later, in the… Continue reading On motivation, goals, and how they don’t always link the way you would expect.

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What would you write to yourself?

"She manages to be a top quality student without being at all boring or a SWOT". Classic letter writing there from my undergraduate tutor to my prospective PhD supervisors. Today is World Letter Writing Day! What's been the most memorable letter you've received? The ones that stick with me are usually handwritten, and these days… Continue reading What would you write to yourself?

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Post holiday struggles

This week has been hard. Last week we were in the west of Scotland, 8 miles down a single track road, surrounded by water, trees and hills. Yes, it was a little rainy, yes we did get lost on walks a few times and do some unnecessary hills, but there was a sense of space.… Continue reading Post holiday struggles

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How do you know when to end coaching?

This is a really difficult one, but just like other parts of life most coaching partnerships need to end eventually. But how do you know when that is? Sometimes, it's clear in the sense that the coaching was aimed at a very particular challenge or issue and the coachee has reached their goal, made progress… Continue reading How do you know when to end coaching?