DIY Coaching Resources

If you aren’t quite ready to sign up to some coaching yet, or you have signed up and you are looking for additional insights, here are a collection of things that you may find helpful about coaching, things you might be dealing with in coaching, and personal development. Everyone finds different things helpful so pick and mix! I’ve grouped things by topic.

Making changes generally

Wheel of life exercise

Finding your (character) strengths

Strengths exercise

Imposter syndrome

Do you have imposter syndrome? Video from the BBC with a handy first step at combating the feeling that your success is a result of anything except your hard work!

Career changes

working identity coverWorking Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career by Herminia Ibarra. This book reflects that the reality of career change for most of us is not waking up one day saying “I want to be an X now” and making a plan to get there, but rather a loop of trying out different “selves” in big or small ways, alongside more fundamental changes to our priorities and views. Lots of case studies included. It made me feel reassured and inspired about my career change process.