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What does the word “pause” mean to you?

This post is inspired by a journaling prompt from my Flown Take-off session yesterday (Flown is a place where people working alone or remotely can go to be part of a community focussed on helping each other do deep work and be creative). Pause - a still and calm moment. A cessation of sound, noise… Continue reading What does the word “pause” mean to you?

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What’s in your stress bucket?

I love a good model or framework - they help me make sense of things and to plan next steps. This week I've been doing my Mental Health First Aider training and have come across the "stress container" model. I thought it would be useful to share here as often people turn to coaching at… Continue reading What’s in your stress bucket?

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Post holiday struggles

This week has been hard. Last week we were in the west of Scotland, 8 miles down a single track road, surrounded by water, trees and hills. Yes, it was a little rainy, yes we did get lost on walks a few times and do some unnecessary hills, but there was a sense of space.… Continue reading Post holiday struggles