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A Coachee’s Guide to… Metaphors

Metaphors can be a powerful tool in coaching. I know to some people that sounds a bit of a stretch from the solution focussed coaching they may be expecting, but our lives are full of metaphor so it makes sense that it would be useful in coaching too. Now metaphors are highly personal, but this… Continue reading A Coachee’s Guide to… Metaphors

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On motivation, goals, and how they don’t always link the way you would expect.

Ellie outside on a tree-lined path in the rain, smiling to the camera This is the consequence of taking on a 25km, 16 km bridge walk - the Thames Bridges Trek. This isn't the day itself (which was sunny and to be honest a little too warm). This is today. 3 days later, in the… Continue reading On motivation, goals, and how they don’t always link the way you would expect.

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Post holiday struggles

This week has been hard. Last week we were in the west of Scotland, 8 miles down a single track road, surrounded by water, trees and hills. Yes, it was a little rainy, yes we did get lost on walks a few times and do some unnecessary hills, but there was a sense of space.… Continue reading Post holiday struggles

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Imposter Syndrome

Many of my coaching clients want to talk about their confidence to carry out their role. They use phrases such as "I'm a fraud", "I'm going to be found out" - which tells me that they are troubled by "imposter syndrome" as well as possibly a lack of confidence. Imposter syndrome is something I know… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome