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What does the word “pause” mean to you?

This post is inspired by a journaling prompt from my Flown Take-off session yesterday (Flown is a place where people working alone or remotely can go to be part of a community focussed on helping each other do deep work and be creative). Pause - a still and calm moment. A cessation of sound, noise… Continue reading What does the word “pause” mean to you?

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Coaching space

Last week I took part in a coaching supervision session (something we coaches do to bring and discuss aspects of our coaching practice with other experienced coaches). We spent quite a bit of time thinking about space, which sent this former physicist immediately into a thought train of space-time continuum and parallel universes in one… Continue reading Coaching space

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What else can I do? Academics and identity

It seems to me that academics have a particularly strong tendency for "academic" to be a dominant part of their identity. It goes beyond their professional identity and is far deeper. Not a problem, unless you decide that the "what" of doing the identity "academic" is no longer compatible with other things in your lives.… Continue reading What else can I do? Academics and identity

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What’s in your stress bucket?

I love a good model or framework - they help me make sense of things and to plan next steps. This week I've been doing my Mental Health First Aider training and have come across the "stress container" model. I thought it would be useful to share here as often people turn to coaching at… Continue reading What’s in your stress bucket?

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Information overload

I am famous in our house for being unable to cope with two many simultaneous audio inputs. How people can cope with TV, game on their phones and conversation at the same time I have no idea. I get overloaded with audio information about 2 devices ahead of anyone else. But it’s not just audio.… Continue reading Information overload

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Balance, blend, whatever! A blog for Work-Life week 2021

In 2019 I wrote about work-life blend rather than work-life balance. I was moving towards recognising that flexibility and agility were important for me rather than a totally strict split. However, it was still pretty much work or everything else because working days and school days dictated certain patterns and separation. Wind forward 5 years… Continue reading Balance, blend, whatever! A blog for Work-Life week 2021

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On life as a working parent.

Three things I often wanted my employer and colleagues to understand about me as a working parent: 1. By the time the official working day starts around 9am, I am likely to have been up since 6.30, getting children up and dressed and ready for school/nursery, dropping them off on an extended journey and then… Continue reading On life as a working parent.