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What would you write to yourself?

"She manages to be a top quality student without being at all boring or a SWOT". Classic letter writing there from my undergraduate tutor to my prospective PhD supervisors. Today is World Letter Writing Day! What's been the most memorable letter you've received? The ones that stick with me are usually handwritten, and these days… Continue reading What would you write to yourself?

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Post holiday struggles

This week has been hard. Last week we were in the west of Scotland, 8 miles down a single track road, surrounded by water, trees and hills. Yes, it was a little rainy, yes we did get lost on walks a few times and do some unnecessary hills, but there was a sense of space.… Continue reading Post holiday struggles

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How do you know when to end coaching?

This is a really difficult one, but just like other parts of life most coaching partnerships need to end eventually. But how do you know when that is? Sometimes, it's clear in the sense that the coaching was aimed at a very particular challenge or issue and the coachee has reached their goal, made progress… Continue reading How do you know when to end coaching?

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Woman, Interrupted… constantly!

Self-care. Love or hate the phrase, it's pretty much impossible to avoid at the moment. Personally there are some days I don't mind it, and other days when it really makes me groan. I'm not sure why to be honest. However, I belong to a number of social media groups around being a freelancer. One… Continue reading Woman, Interrupted… constantly!

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Boiling academics – a post for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Its nearly 2 years since I left my employed role as an academic. I left because there was an opportunity to do more of the things I liked and values, and less of the things I found stressful and de-energising. Whilst being self-employed is certainly not stress-free even outside of a global pandemic, there is… Continue reading Boiling academics – a post for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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Who am I? Identity, purpose and role.

Intro - I coach a lot of academics. Higher Education in the UK is going through some very tough times at the moment. Many institutions are looking at cuts across the board. If you are facing possibly not being able to "be an academic" either temporarily or longer term and are wondering how you can… Continue reading Who am I? Identity, purpose and role.

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Using Values to Understand Behaviour and Choices

I hate shouting. I hate being shouted at and I hate it when other people are shouting at each other. It makes me feel sick and shaky. I tend to withdraw and back away both physically and emotionally. It affects the rest of my day and returns to me at night (or more likely 5am… Continue reading Using Values to Understand Behaviour and Choices

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Control – getting a grip or letting it go

I have at times been called a "control freak". It's not been meant as a compliment (though there are some situations where being a control freak is absolutely a good thing - health and safety, etc etc). I had not heard it for a couple of years, but in the last couple of weeks, those… Continue reading Control – getting a grip or letting it go